First release of my "tricopter debug tool". It displays all the parameters that are relevant for a (potentially) successful flight...


  1. Hello William, Is it possible to get this sourcefile? I recently started experimenting with gyroscopes and 8051 microcontrollers. I know how to program uC's but have now idea how to start with the windows part. Your program could give my an idea where to begin. Kind regards, Gert Jan

  2. Hi Gert Jan,
    I don't know if I'll find the source code back. But I once wrote a simple tutorial on how to program a GUI:
    It's in german, but Gert Jan could be a german name...

  3. Thanks for the information, it is understanable for a dutchman. Will look for more info about the .net part. Your project is very nice! Regards, Gert Jan


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