This is, by the way, how my board looks like from below. Beautiful chaos... but still functional. I am planning to make a PCB soon...


  1. Hi William, this is simply awesome work that you have done here. I like your tricopter multi-layered chassis very much.

    One thing I am wondering is why do you need to use your TriGuide program? If you use three rate mode gyros for the arms and one head lock mode gyro for tail server, wont that be sufficient to have the tricopter run stable? If I understand correctly, you are using the triGlider basically to make your aircraft more stable? Forgive my ignorance if I missed reading something in your post.

  2. Hi Sid,
    yes, I think my custom software makes the copter more stable than standard RC-gyros can. Additionally, I have an accelerometer on board, so the copter can hover on it's own. This in the future I can also add features like GPS etc., that won't be possible on a copter without custom electronics..


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