Stability tests...

A quick video: Using different props or adding weight to one of the booms doesn't really change anything.

I also tried to make the tricopter as small as possible. I can't see any differences in flight characteristics nor in flight stability:


  1. How you tested if having all props rotate in the same direction makes any difference compared to the current setup where one prop seems to rotate in the opposite direction than the two other?

  2. The two props at the front always counter-rotated in my tricopter. It looks better, but probably changes efficiency very little.

  3. have you tried centering the weight between the booms away from the frame? so two of the motors have to compensate for the weight?

  4. That wouldn't make any difference I guess. It should be even easier to compensate, because two motors share the additional load.

  5. William,
    In order to eliminate the undesired yaw effect, counter-rotating props are used in the front. I assume that rear prop can rotate any direction (hence either type of prop can be used). Depending on the direction of rotation of the rear prop, the rear motor assembly should be slightly tilted to one side. Is this what happens on your platform?

  6. Dear William,
    Your work (and videos) are very inspiring and attractive. I decided to follow your footsteps and build one formyself. Your part list on the dollowing link
    ( is useful so that I can order the parts. Before I finalize my order, can I ask if there is any change on that list?
    Do you have a gallery of highres, close-up photos of your platform to guide me during my building?

  7. Hi Roberto,
    the tail rotor should be mounted (if possible) slightly tilted in the correct direction. But the electronics doesn't care about that, you only have to do that to get a similar servo throw in both directions.
    I'm not sure yet if my I²C -> PPM converter will be successful. But if I manage to develop it, you might save alot of money, because you only have to order standard ESCs. I am still working on the construction manual, there you'll find more details on everything.

  8. Hi William, My name is Juan from France...your work is very genius, you are and scientist artist... I got a tricopter recently and I'm disappointed about stability from the electronic stabilizing mixing unit, more difficult to flying than helicopter. When I saw the Stability of your tricopter I realy loved. And because I'm not a very good pilot expert, I think that what I need to enjoy flying...So my question is: do you think I can buy and switch your unit into my tricopter? Or if you don't sale it, can you tell me where can I buy one as very good as yours? Thank you very much for your help, here is my E-mail adress if you like for me to send you some picture of my tricopter: thanks again... Jaun.

  9. salut william
    moi c'est françois et j'habite dans le sud de la france, je fais du modélisme depuis l'age de 18 ans maintenant 52 ans ^^ bref je regarde beaucoup sur les forums même ceux de vos amis, vous êtes un pro rien a dire, je viens de monter mon tricopter mais que la structure bois et carbone et j'aimerais faire comme vous avec la même électronique.
    svp donner moi des conseils, quelle carte acheter, moteurs, ESC, j'ai deja un gyros 401
    merci et faite nous rêver encore.

  10. bon ben pas de nouvelle depuis!
    dommage j'investis sur la carte yoyocopter en wii



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