Dedicated pages for micro and standard version

The Shrediquette DLX standard size tricopter and the Shrediquette DLXm micro version, both got a small webpage with new detailed pictures and specifications:

Micro version:

Standard version:

If you still miss some details/ pictures, let me know.
I also modified the FAQ section, please have a look at it too.


  1. Again thank you very much for sharing your work.
    Will you update the upper right files too?
    That make us more than ultra-happy.

  2. The new firmware will be released after just one final test. But for this test to happen, I need
    a) no rain
    b) no gale
    c) 4 hrs time
    It seems to be impossible that these three things happen at the same time... :-(

  3. Hi
    Maybe hope for 2 things only ;-), it is faster and easier for us your fans ;-);-) (only joking)

  4. Hehe...
    Yesterday I was flying both copters with the new firmware. It was very windy, but thats good to see if it works. Unfortunaltely I crashed the DLXm due to a typo in the firmware... But I found the error, and I am hoping to the final-final tests this week end...


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