Article on Shrediquette

Paul Escalier from just finished his article on my tricopter. It has become a nice story I think :-)

Table of contents
  1. A Time to Make Something Awesome
  2. A Little Bit of Background
  3. The Birth of an Idea
  4. Taking the Plunge: Buying Some Parts
  5. Building the First Prototype
  6. Overhaul: Taking the Prototype to a New Level
  7. A Few Polishing Touches and a Mini Conversion
  8. Future Developments and More Information
Have a look at the article here:,review-1552.html


  1. Just read the article on Tom's and now checking out your blog. I must say your work is most impressive especially considering you have no formal training in control/flight systems. I am an engineer and hobbyist and am completely wowed by what you have achieved. Also impressed by your flight skills. How difficult is it to control compared to a 6Ch heli?

    Arthur from Vancouver, BC


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