50,000 visits on shrediquette.blogspot.com

Time for some statistics...:

Although the word "Shrediquette" seems to cause some confusion, still some people found their way to this blog. Here is a bunch of google search word logs:

Thanks to all the visitors, I made a quick video for all of you (don't try this at home...):


  1. That was really cool. i hope the project is going nicely i am working on building my own. In the proses of getting the supplies together

  2. Hi,

    KNAX-Club-Luftballoons :D Super Sache!!!

    Nice slow motion. But with the title of this video i thought there is a crash. What damage did your Shrediquette take?

    I'm still building my DLXm. Next week I will mill my carbon parts.

    Greeting from Nienburg/Weser ;)


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