This project was started in , electronics and control loops. Because I always need a cool project to learn new things, it was clear that something that can fly had to be built.
The project started as a "tricopter-only" project, but as I wanted to build smaller vehicles with more payload capacity, I decided to make some quadrotor, hexacopter and Y6 hexacopter firmwares too. My main interest is to build very small MAVs that fly as good as larger ones (or even better) and that can be controlled by wireless video link. I also experimented with autonomous flight in GPS-denied areas (video), and with GPS assisted autonomous hover (video).
-- William

Contact: Shrediquette @ g m x . d e --- All content published under CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany

It's cold outside...

... so the best thing to do is to escape to Cameroon! And that is what I'll do :-D .

Whats next...?
Hopefully I don't crash my copter in Cameroon on the first day (like I did last year...). I will try to make some nice aerial shots and to create a movie.
Currently, I am working on a very small Y6 Hexacopter that will have 4-5 IR sensors installed. These sensors will be used to stabilize the position of the copter in relation to walls that are close to it. If that works out, this copter will be my small contribution to the IMAV2011 competition next summer.


  1. Great video!

    How would the IR sensors work? Would they shine a spot on the wall and judge distance by spot diameter?

  2. Hi,
    Great MM6-flight.
    Can you descript your Setup.
    Motor, esc, prop, frame size?
    Thank you