This project was started in , electronics and control loops. Because I always need a cool project to learn new things, it was clear that something that can fly had to be built.
The project started as a "tricopter-only" project, but as I wanted to build smaller vehicles with more payload capacity, I decided to make some quadrotor, hexacopter and Y6 hexacopter firmwares too. My main interest is to build very small MAVs that fly as good as larger ones (or even better) and that can be controlled by wireless video link. I also experimented with autonomous flight in GPS-denied areas (video), and with GPS assisted autonomous hover (video).
-- William

Contact: Shrediquette @ g m x . d e --- All content published under CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany

Shrediquette goes multicopter!

Several requests "urged" me to release new versions of my firmware. I made a quadrocopter (quadrotor), a hexacopter (hexrotor) and a Y6 version of the Shrediquette firmware, called MM4 respectively MM6. Quadrocopter & hexacopter versions were tested and they seem to work pretty good (see e.g. here). My MM6 flies really good (I am using the same motors/ props/ ESCs as in the DLXm), I built it to make some nice movies when I am in Cameroon on christmas.

Next, I am planning to build a Y6 hexacopter that is even smaller than my DLXm tricopter. The firmware for a Y6 Copter is already included in the zip archive, although I couldn't test it yet. For this tiny copter, I have to design a new PCB with a very small footprint (27 x 37mm). This PCB will be some sort of "minimal circuit", that means it doesn't include components for a servo nor LEDs nor connectors. It is just as small as I could make it:

The new firmware versions are included in the existing zip archive (Source code (.hex and .bas)).


  1. that looks killer! I like the GO Pro mount!

    keep up the great work!

  2. Khairul Nizam Tahar29 November 2011 at 08:01

    Hi, i am Khairul Nizam Tahar from Malaysia....i am interested in multicopter design...may i know where can i buy hexacopter or quadcopter...i want to operate this multicopter by my own ( for hobby)....and how much (price) for complete hexacopter or quadcopter?...please email me you

  3. Great work as always! I am using a 3.3v IMU with success on my tricopter. I would like to build a quad next. I would greatly appreciate if you could compile an external reference version of the code like you did for the tri.

  4. hi mclarin, please write me an email, I'll see if I find some time to make the ext ref quad code.

  5. thank you, it's fantastic!!!