First flight - derbe evo

The copter had its first flight yesterday. With the 5.5" Graupner Race-Props, the speed is absolutely amazing - I still need to learn how to control such a fast device properly.

Here is a quick + dirty video: 

And Shrediquette is still open source of course, so here are the 3D files:

The arms are from the Claerials HUMs quadrotor:


  1. Is the battery in the picture 1.8Ah 4S? If so do you have a link for it? It is nice and stubby. I have a similar setup but with a vac formed shell rather than a 3D print and the limiting factor to the front profile is the battery size. Smaller batteries don't hold up for very long at full throttle.

    1. No, this is only 1.3Ah, 75C. When I really want to go fast, I need to install the 1.8Ah 75C. The current draw is just too high for the 1.3Ah Lipo...

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