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  1. Like all your other videos, this is yet another very impressive demonstration.
    Do you use ordinary IR LEDs or are they some special IR LED with wide viewing angles?
    Do you use IR-pass filter infront of your web camera?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi Roberto,
    these are ordinary high power IR leds (100mA). Each of the markers consists of 5 of these LEDs. I sanded the heads of the LEDs, so that they emit light with a wider opening angle.
    My IR-filter consits of a negative photographic film (black, therefore no transmission of visible light, but quite good transmission of IR light).

  3. Dear William,
    Thank you for the explanations.
    In a ground based IR tracking experiment, I have also used similar approach; I cut/scratched grid like pattern on the IR LEDs surface.

    "LED lenses" on the following link ( be interesting for you. I did not use those lenses and I don't know if they are transparent in IR wavelength.


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