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Construction and set-up manual released

The set-up manual is finished (you'll find it at the top right of this blog). I tried to address all potential questions & difficulties, but I am sure I missed some. The manual will be improved when I get some feedback from you.

Stability tests...

A quick video: Using different props or adding weight to one of the booms doesn't really change anything. I also tried to make the tricopter as small as possible. I can't see any differences in flight characteristics nor in flight stability:

GUI released and some other things

Okay, today there are some more news on the project: First of all, I can release the GUI. It was tested on Windows Vista and Windows XP. I hope that the GUI is at least partially self-explanatory, but I'll write a tutorial soon. TriGUI v1.0 features: COM ports 1-30 selectable Saving and loading parameter-sets to/ from hard disc Stick sensitivity (roll & nick, yaw) for acro and hover mode Exponential agility boost for acro mode Minimum throttle (idle up) Free channel assignment (CH. 1-4) for throttle, nick, roll, yaw Motor deactivation (safety feature) Inversion of the directions of the gyro's and the ACC's Modify parameters for the complimentary filter Hover and acro mode PID parameters Voltage warning threshold Display problems with reception Realtime display of sensors, transmitter and voltage level Firmware update via RS232 with a single button click If you're using windows XP, you might have to install the .NET framework 3.5 prior to using the G