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New firmware v1.1 and GUI released

Today I finished the last test under veeery windy conditions, and everything went fine. The files at the right hand side (GUI and firmware) are updated. Please note that the new firmware will only work with the new GUI and vice versa! You will also not be able to use your old settings files. Double-check the direction of your servo, something has changed here too. The firmware should allow to increase control loop parameters, especially Acro-P and Hover-D. That should make your tricopter more stable. A new default-settings file is included, as well as my settings for the DLX and the DLXm. You can flash the firmware using my GUI. The file Tricopter_m328p_11.hex has to be placed into the GUI folder.

Dedicated pages for micro and standard version

The Shrediquette DLX standard size tricopter and the Shrediquette DLXm micro version, both got a small webpage with new detailed pictures and specifications: Micro version: --> Shrediquette DLXm <-- Standard version: --> Shrediquette DLX <-- If you still miss some details/ pictures, let me know. I also modified the FAQ section , please have a look at it too.