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First flight - derbe evo

The copter had its first flight yesterday. With the 5.5" Graupner Race-Props , the speed is absolutely amazing - I still need to learn how to control such a fast device properly. Here is a quick + dirty video:   And Shrediquette is still open source of course, so here are the 3D files: The arms are from the Claerials HUMs quadrotor:

Shrediquette derbe evo: Finished, first flight this weekend (if it's not raining constantly...)

The derbe evo is ready, I just need to find a suitable antenna...

Shrediquette derbe evo progress

Some images of the assembly process...: There is not much space inside the frame, but everything fits. The assembly also went quicker than I thought. I just need to replace all the motor shafts of the Graupner Ultra 2806 2300 kV motors (due to a hard crash), and then I am ready to go. The take-off weight is just 447 grams.

derbe evo FPV racing quad

I think I now have all the parts that I need to start assembly. The frame weight is 77 grams (without electronics). Here is the latest teaser: