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2nd place in the IMAV 2014 competition!

This year, the 'International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition' ( IMAV2014 ) took place on the 13th of August in the Netherlands. I am very happy to announce that together with my team (called 'Dipole', consisting of Prof. Klaus-Peter Neitzke, Dr. Hans-Peter Thamm and me = William Thielicke), we won the second prize in the IMAV competition! Fifteen international teams accepted the challenge and tried to score points in the simulation of a major natural disaster inside a small artificial village. Several tasks had to be solved during a 30 minute time slot: Creating a stitched orthophoto of the whole village; flying through the village and identifying house numbers and survivors inside the houses; observing a given spot; entering a two-storeyed house and flying through the rooms while identifying objects in the rooms (see the detailed rules here ). Points were awarded for each of these tasks, and summed for the final score. Our team used three d


Letting the cat out of the bag  The TBS GEMiNi is a small hexrotor that is meant for fpv racing. The frame is based on my Shrediquette GEMiNi that I developed in spring 2013. Team Blacksheep (Trappy, Riscyd and Perna) contacted me a while ago, and we started to modify the design in order to improve it further and to make it more user and crash friendly. After some information had already leaked before the offical release (may it be on purpose or not... ;-D), the new TBS GEMiNi has now been officially announced on . This means that you can very soon buy the GEMiNi multicopter!   Features of the TBS GEMiNi Forward-tilting motors for efficient, high speed flight Built-in FPV camera (TBS ChipChip V2) Optional HD camera (Mobius Action Cam) CORE OSD/power supply with integrated current sensor Ready for long range FPV Custom 4A ESCs with SimonK firmware Custom T-motors 4" propellers Motor distance: ca. 215 mm = 8.5" Taulabs Quanton-based flight cont