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Shrediquette MM6 in german television

Hi, my hexacopter was recently in german television (rb TV). Sven from made the connection between the TV crew an me. It was fun to do something like that with my copter, but the weather was really awful... Rain, a lot of wind and very low temperature. TV clips: Click here for a short clip: And here for a longer clip:

A nice place to fly: Hexacopter in Cameroon / Africa

Usually I visit my parents on christmas and new year. They live in Cameroon since three years and built a small house in the middle of nowhere. This year they again invited me to come and I had the opportunity to take my hexacopter with me. All flights were done via video-goggles / FPV (except for a single scene that you see in the movie). In total I broke 3 propellers. Two when I was falling down the roof of the car and one when I hit a bamboo tree (which seems to be made of very hard material...;-D). I broke the antenna of my RC transmitter, and lost the antenna of the video link. Fortunately, I was equipped with enough spare parts. Flying in Cameroon was great fun, but flying at the beach seems to be dangerous, as there are immediately some large birds of prey arriving, which were probably not in the best mood. Flying through the palm tree plantation was most fun, but there were a lot of mosquitoes attacking me. Here is the video: A nice place to fly: Hexacopter in Cameroon / Afr

Cameroon video in progress...

I had the opportunity to record 2hrs of FPV video during my holidays in Cameroon. It was great fun, and I am currently making a small movie out of it that will be posted soon. Here are a few stills already: Everything was filmed with the GoPro HD and video-goggles (FPV) with my MM6 hexacopter: