Some videos of my tricopter in action...:
* = recommended video

Shrediquette DLX:
*Tricopter - The Movie...
*Flips and a little bit of gardening
*Autonomous indoor waypoint navigation
Cell phone controls tricopter
Pressure and compass test on Shrediquette DLX
Stability test - Shrediquette tricopter
Small size Shrediquette
Villa la Chouette
Autonomous GPS position hold

Shrediquette DLXm:
*Micro-Tricopter presentation
*How to destroy a tricopter in slow motion (tricopter vs. balloon) 
Landkämp 2010 - Onboard scenes
Shrediquette DLXm - Micro tricopter flips etc.
DLXm GPS position hold

Shrediquette BOLT:
*Mini Y6 copter presentation

Shrediquette GEMiNi:
*GEMiNi copter presentation

*Shrediquette MM6 FPV in Cameroon/ Africa
*Shrediquette DLXm FPV, best of 2 x 800mAh
*41 FPV flips in two minutes
FPV with a micro-sized tricopter (Shrediquette DLXm)
*FPV with the GEMiNi

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