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QRC5 design

The QR C 5 incorporates some ideas that I had when I was designing the GEMiNi and the HEXO+. First of all, it's not a hex- or trirotor anymore, it is one of my first quadrotors... Personally, I think quadrotors are a bit boring. But there are many FPV racing events coming up, and I am sure that most of them will have several different regulations and limit the battery voltage, the amount of motors or the rotor diameter. The most 'standard' racing copters are quadrotors, they have 3S batteries and 5" props. I am sure that they will get their own racing class. I would like to be able to compete with them, therefore I decided to design a copter for this standard class, even when I am not the biggest fan of quadrotors or racing rules and classes. The Shrediquette QR C 5 fits the 250mm quadrotor racing class Tilted propellers have become popular since the GEMiNi was presented, and in my opinion they really have an advantage. The aerodynamic drag is reduced quite a

Shrediquette QRC5 renders

Just ordered the first 3D printed parts on :-D Here are some pictures of the racing quad:  

Shrediquette QRC5 (5 inch / 250mm tilted-body FPV racing quad)

Hi! FPV racing is becoming really popular (yaay!), and I will be attending a nice FPV race event in about two months in Saarbrücken ( ). I will compete with the GEMiNi, and eventually with a new tilted-body quad design with 5" props and MN1806 motors. I am posting some very early and not so interesting concept pictures. I am doing this to keep my motivation high: My time for the hobby is still severely limited, but I really want to build some new stuff - and this post helps to remind me of what I want to do... As soon as there is some progress, I'll update this text.