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The mini is airborne!

The Shrediquette DLXm micro-tricopter flies better than I ever expected. New control loops make it very stable in fast flights, during aerobatics, when there is wind or when it is flying in it's own downwash/ the ground effect. Watch the DLMx presentation in HD: Shrediquette DLXm - Self Stabilizing & Aerobatic Micro-Tricopter. The Movie. Thanks to Stefan for milling the frame (in carbon fiber, hehe) and to Eric for borrowing the ESCs! Specs Shrediquette DLXm Motor shaft distance: 132 mm  Max. dimension: 259 mm Weight: 230 g Props: 5x3 3-blade GWS Motors: Roxxy 2216-25 ESCs: Turnigy Plush 6A with I²C->PWM converters Battery: 3S, 800 mAh Max thrust per motor: 237 g Thrust to weight ratio: 3.1:1 Total current during hover: 4 A Endurance: 11 mins The control loop now processes angular acceleration in acro and hover mode: I finally managed to calculate "up to date" angular acceleration with only little noise. As a result, the gain of the gyroscopes c

Shrediquette DLXm

Here are some pictures of my Shrediquette DLXm. Unfortunately I am still waiting for the ESCs... Slightly annoying. EDIT:The ESCs arrived (thanks to Eric!) and first flights were very successfully completed. The control loop had to be modified to account for higher demands of this micro tricopter during aerobatics and fast flights. Because larger Shrediquettes will also benefit from this modification, I will soon release a new firmware and a modified GUI. I will now start to collect some video footage and make a new movie.