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Only one week to go for this years LandKamp! Anyone that is interested in copters should really visit this nice meeting. Last year it was a lot of fun with many friendly and interesting people. This is what I'll take with me this year (actually all copters I have :-D): This year’s “Landkamp 2.11” takes place from the 2nd of June to 5th of June 2011 at the sports ground which is located next to the soccerclub in Ostheim/Rhön. “Landkamp” is a privately organised event. There will be many “Kopter” fans from all over Germany. “Landkamp” is one of the longest multi-kopter conventions in Germany due to four days of camping, crafting, flying, challenges and lot of nice talks with like-minded people. Website: Watch this video for some impressions of last year:

BOLT is born

The latest project, a tiny Y6 hexrotor, is airborne...! I am really happy with the results, the copter is great fun to fly. Here is a video of it (it seems to be really hard to film it in flight...): Shrediquette BOLT from W. Thielicke on Vimeo I will use it mainly for FPV. The little thing becomes pretty fast for its size, it is very precise and fits through the smallest holes... It does even fly pretty ok when one propeller is missing.   Some details on this copter (more pictures on the BOLT page ): BOLT: Compact Y6 FPV hexrotor / hexacopter Max. dimension 21 cm Motor shaft distance 10.6 cm Roxxy 1815/25 Airace propellers "CCD-Killer" CMOS FPV camera mGUIDE controller Turnigy Plush 6A ESCs + I²C->PWM micro converters 3S 1000 mAh battery