BOLT is born

The latest project, a tiny Y6 hexrotor, is airborne...! I am really happy with the results, the copter is great fun to fly. Here is a video of it (it seems to be really hard to film it in flight...):

Shrediquette BOLT from W. Thielicke on Vimeo

I will use it mainly for FPV. The little thing becomes pretty fast for its size, it is very precise and fits through the smallest holes... It does even fly pretty ok when one propeller is missing.


Some details on this copter (more pictures on the BOLT page):

BOLT: Compact Y6 FPV hexrotor / hexacopter
  • Max. dimension 21 cm
  • Motor shaft distance 10.6 cm
  • Roxxy 1815/25
  • Airace propellers
  • "CCD-Killer" CMOS FPV camera
  • mGUIDE controller
  • Turnigy Plush 6A ESCs + I²C->PWM micro converters
  • 3S 1000 mAh battery


  1. Hello William,

    Bolt looks great! It's so compact and it looks as it is perfectly stabile. Very, very good. Can you give any more details on the new micro I2C>PWM converters? PCBs, firmware, any info...

    Keep us informed and amazed!

    Best regards


  2. Whats the deal with the giant antenna?

    And do you think I could get anywhere near this with a mere three gyro Kkuk board?

    Ive got a CNC router and a blackboard 5.5 laying around and this thing looks like a proper barrel of fun to... BOLT around with.

  3. WOW. not much else to say but your copters are an absolute inspiration. and your giving attitude offering your wealth of knowledge freely is a credit to your good self. cant wait to see you continue to revolutionise this hobby!

  4. Hi, your copter is very beautiful.
    Can I ask you where do you bought these micro propellers?

  5. Excellent job, it is very impressive !
    And, what is this great song on the video please ?

    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,


  6. That looks freaking amazing. Are there performance advantages to a Y6 versus a tricopter? A friend of mine and I are considering starting a UAV group at HacDC( and we want to get some hands on experience before hand, but we'd like to keep the cost down and a tricopter definitely has that over a Y6, but if we end up going with a Y6 afterwards to pick up performance it won't save us much :)
    Thanks for the cool machines and the great videos.

  7. damn really nice built. really like it, and for those asking about the song:
    The Knife - Pass this on

  8. Hi William, thank for your creations and your site. All your videos are nices to look.

    Could you please tell us what song you use for the Bold ?

    Best regards.

  9. Hi,
    one post before you the name of the song is mentioned.

  10. Hi William. Thanks for your answer. Your kopter and you are just amazing. Im looking foward to buy such. I hesitate with the DLX and the MM6 ?
    Hpe to meet you one day. Keny95-France

  11. who is Cheers ı don"t find Cheers . who cherrs pyası give a link . good work

  12. hello William where i can buy the frame BOLT please ?

  13. I see you slowed down the video in order to make the Heli appear more stable and speeded up the video (flying thru window) to make it more accurate.

    Please provide original video so one can better judge the "true" flight characteristics.


    Bob - California

    1. lol Bob... I really don't need to speed up any video footage. Additionally, the slow motion (recorded with a high speed camera) is not intended to make the BOLT look more stable. Please inform yourself before publishing false pretences.
      But I will soon post some more FPV footage anyhow.


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