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Time for some statistics...: Although the word "Shrediquette" seems to cause some confusion, still some people found their way to this blog. Here is a bunch of google search word logs: Thanks to all the visitors, I made a quick video for all of you (don't try this at home...):

Success at the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition (IMAV2010)!!!

This year, a friend of mine and I both decided to go to the IMAV 2010 with our "flight devices" ( Tumba with his autonomous Lerche 400 & 500 planes , and me with my Shrediquette DLXm + my brand new FPV goggles ).  Participants came from many countries to attend the conference and to compete in the four competitions . I participated in two of them:  indoor flight dynamics and outdoor flight dynamics (as the GPS add-on for my tricopter isn't yet finished). The competitions were great fun, I especially enjoyed the outdoor competition where I used a FPV camera for the second time (I had a total of 16 minutes of experience with FPV). It is so cool to fly around in 3D space! I will definitively spent "some" time using these cool video goggles! This is my setup for outdoor flight dynamics: The Shrediquette DLXm was the smallest MAV in the contest (this yielded some extra points). The results make me especially happy :-D : 1st place outdoor flight dyn