Success at the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition (IMAV2010)!!!

This year, a friend of mine and I both decided to go to the IMAV 2010 with our "flight devices" (Tumba with his autonomous Lerche 400 & 500 planes, and me with my Shrediquette DLXm + my brand new FPV goggles). 
Participants came from many countries to attend the conference and to compete in the four competitions. I participated in two of them:  indoor flight dynamics and outdoor flight dynamics (as the GPS add-on for my tricopter isn't yet finished).

The competitions were great fun, I especially enjoyed the outdoor competition where I used a FPV camera for the second time (I had a total of 16 minutes of experience with FPV). It is so cool to fly around in 3D space! I will definitively spent "some" time using these cool video goggles! This is my setup for outdoor flight dynamics:

The Shrediquette DLXm was the smallest MAV in the contest (this yielded some extra points). The results make me especially happy :-D :

  • 1st place outdoor flight dynamics (rotary wings)
  • 1st place indoor flight dynamics (rotary wings)
  • 1st place outdoor flight dynamics (global)
  • 1st place indoor flight dynamics (global)

(image from

The competition was pretty "efficient", as I only burnt 800mAh in total, and luckily didn't crash anything. Tumba achieved the 2nd place in Outdoor Flight Dynamics - Fixed Wing, the 3rd place in Indoor Flight Dynamics - Rotary Wing, and the 3rd place in Outdoor Autonomy - Fixed Wing. Congratulations to him!

Here are the official results of the IMAV2010:

I would like to attend the IMAV2011 next year if my PhD allows it, but I will have to find a sponsor, as this will by far exceed my hobby budget. Feel free... ;-D

I might add some video footage of the IMAV2010, until then, have a look at this video here to see the Shrediquette DLXm in FPV (sorry for the quality, my framegrabber isn't really good & it skips frames, and all settings are still far from being optimal):


  1. tetra-Congratulations for your performance and waiting for more documentation on your FPV
    Good luck

  2. You are my hero ;-) As I've said before (to you) this is my next project. I will be basing mine on a .Net Micro Framework board though so I'm probably going to have to port your basic code for it to work and then fight through all the issues you've been through, but this project is just to cool to not do. Excellent work. Well done.

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  4. Welcome to the new World ..!

    But be carrefull, fpv is a drug , the best drug in the world

    you are addict now ...!

    congratiulation for imav, Your place i there
    I was participate to 2003 edition in France and I wind indoor competion with my "Aircam" 50Cm rotor size heli.
    in 2004 two with google but I crash on the wall (grey wall are very dificult to see in video google, IR radar could be a plus for anticollision)

    shredikette has lot of potential for uas ..!

    do it Hexacoaxcial, it would be the best

    hope to meet you a Day.

    thank William

  5. Congratulations professor, looking forward on your FPV article.



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