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Ein BOLT für alle Fälle - RC Flight Control 3/2012

RC Flight Control 3/2012 title page In the latest issue of the "RC Flight Control", there is an article about my BOLT Y6 hexacopter. The article is about how and why I designed the copter and there are some details about my previous copters. Paul again shot some nice photos, one of them is on the title page. A preview of the magazine is available here: RC Flight Control PDF Preview 3/2012 At least in Germany you should be able to get a copy of this magazine in every larger newspaper store.

IMAV 2012 and new xMega Board

As some might have noticed, I didn't post news in this blog for some months. But now I  can announce my new xMega based control board and some news from the IMAV 2012 competition. IMAV2012 in Braunschweig, Germany We (team Akaflieg Bremen = Tumba & me) were participating in the IMAV2012 competition. In principle, the contests were similar to last year(s), see IMAV2011 post . It was great fun again, all our copters worked very good and reliable. Also the video link was very stable, even at longer distances (we always use 5.8GHz 25 mW AV transmitters and a diversity receiver with directional antennas). The indoor autonomy competition was pretty challenging (see video below). These are the results for our team: Outdoor Autonomy: 3rd place Outdoor Flight Dynamics: 2nd place Indoor Autonomy: 1st place Indoor Flight dynamics: 1st place I am not 100% sure about the results of the other teams, if you have information on this, please tell me, I'll add it to this post.