Shrediquette user builds

On this page I am showing the Shrediquette tricopters that other people built.

Please send some pictures/ movies and the specs of your personal build to
shrediquette@ g m x . d e


KDA20-22L Motors
10x4.5 MAXXProd Props
Turnigy Plush 25A ESC’s
I2C->PWM converters
2200 mAh Lipo – 10 minutes flight time
Turnigy MG90S Metal Gear Servo
3 mm Lite Ply laser cut
30 cm aluminium arms
AUW 850 gram





Motors: Turnigy C2830-1050
Props: Maxxprod EPP1045
ESC: BL-Contr. V1.2
Servo: MKS DS450
Battery: Turnigy 3S 1800mAh
Chassis: 1,5mm GFK
RX: Jeti Duplex Rx easy Kopter 2,4GHz
Weight: 780g (incl. battery)


Motors : Protronik 2810 kv1000
ESC : Protronik PM30A + your I²C->PWM converters
Battery : Protronik 3S 3300mAh 30C or 3S 2200mAh
Yaw servo : Protronik 6452 MG-A (Metal gear - Analogic)
Frame is made of 1.5mm carbon sheet + 10mm square carbon tubes. Yaw system is made of Polyamid by SLS (Synthetic Laser Synthering). It is designed to carry the GoPro HD for FPV purpose. 

I2C by William
Rx converter to single pulse signal (TT-RecEnc)
Rx corona 8 channel
Motor Scorpion 2212-26  * 3
ESC Hobbyking SS 18-20 amp *3
Prop: GWS 3 blades 8*4  ----------> 9*5 (more stable)
Servo Towerpro metal gear


1.5mm PCB Glass Main Frame
Alloy HK250 Tail booms (1.5)
Alloy HK250 Tail Boom Supports (3)
Alloy HK250 Tail Fin mount
hexTronik 16g 1700kv
Turnigy Plush 10A
Turnigy 1000mah 20C 2S 7.4V Lipo

Seb (tazdevil)



Chassis: Alu Selfmade
Controller: TriGUIDE mini v2 with external 3,3V Reference Modification
IMU: 6DOF Razor - Ultra-Thin IMU
Motors: Turnigy TR2830-1050
ESC: TowardPro w18A (2010) I²C Modification
Props: Maxxprod 10x4.5" / 8x4.5"
Servo: Bluebird BMS-371S
Reciever: Graupner R700 PPM Modification
Battery: Kokam 3s 3200mAh
Weight: ~ 900g

Sven (ssellere)

Controller: TriGUIDE mini v2, Atmega328p @ 16 MHz, 5V
Sensors: 3*ADXRS610, 1*ADXL322
Receiver: FlySky-Satellit + FlySky2PPM(Vorlage und QC auf
ESC:Hobbyking SS-Series 15-18A, I2C mod
Motors: FC28-22 1200kV
Servo: Bluebird BMS-371S
Props: GWS 3blade 8x4
Battery: Rhino 3s, 2250 mAh
Frame: GFK/cardboard Sandwich, aluminium tube 10x10mm
serial link: FTDI-USB Adapter von Watterrot
Distance motor - COG: 22cm
Weight: ~ 650g



Motors: Turnigy C2830-1050
Props: Maxxprod EPP1045
ESC: TowardPro 18A (Version 2009) auf I2C umgebaut
Servo: MKS DS450
Battery: Flightmax 3S 2200mAh 30C
Chassis: 1,5mm GFK
RX: Jeti Duplex Rx easy Kopter 2,4GHz
Weight: 850g (incl. battery) 

Carbon frame
Carbon booms
AX-2210N 1.000KV motors
Hobbyking SS series 25-30A ESC's
Paparazzi PPM encoder (i made the pcb, soldering and programming)
Your I2C->PWM encoders (i made the pcb, soldering and programming)
GWS HD9050RX3 (2pcs) + HD9050x3 (1pc) prop's
BMS-385DMAX metal gear tail servo
Corona 2.4GHz V2 DSSS receiver
Corona 2.4GHz JR TX module
3s, 2200mAh, 20c battery
860gr weight


Controller: TriGUIDE, Atmega328p 16 MHz, 5V 
Receiver: ACT Micro8 DSQ
ESC: Mystery Pentium 30A, I2C mod
Motors: CF2822 1200kV

Servo: Graupner C261
Props: EPP 1045
Battery: Dymond Lipo 3S 1350

Frame: CFK, aluminium tube 10x10mm
Weight: 720g

A.Mohamed Rasheed

Motor: dys 2805-14 -- 1450kv
Prop: 5030gws
Battery: 3S-1500mAh
Frame: 1mm Glass Epoxy
all up weight: 400gms
Endurance: 8~10mins

Sean H.

TriGUIDE mini v2 

LY530AL yaw gyro
LPR510AL nick&roll gyro
MMA7361L accelerometer 
BM2410-9T motor 
10x4.5 Maxxprod props 
Towerpro 18amp esc reprogrammed for I2C 
2200mah 3S 
14min flight time 
12mm carbon helicopter tail boom arms 
.125inch laser cut Acrylic 
820g AUR weight 
Bluebird BMS-706 servo 
custom design mechanism tilts all 3 rotors for yaw control


PCB layers and carbon tubes. The spacers are made from PVC.
RC Timer A2208-14 (1450 kV) + 8x4.5" props
RC Timer A2830-14 (750 kV) + 12" props
self made redesigned BL-Ctrl 1.2 (~10 A)
Turnigy 9x 2.4 Ghz + self made RecEnc (idea:
ca. 840g (with Turnigy 3s-2200 mAh)

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