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Third place on the short film festival "Vilsflimmern"...!

On the 29th of july I went to the Vilsflimmern short film festival in southern germany. The people were really friendly and very nice (although sometimes hard to understand, they speak a very special german language version down there... ;-D). Ten short films out of around 40 submitted ones were selected and shown in the evening on a large screen. Although the weather was really really bad (cold + rain), quite a number of people came to see the shorts. Nr. 6 was finally my film, it was a strange feeling to see it on such a large screen with many people... Unfortunately, the sound system seemed to suffer from the rain, about one minute of my movie was played without sound... Also a strange feeling ;-D Then the people from the Kulturverein Amberg announced the winners, and I was really suprised to hear my name! I got the third place for my movie, great!! © Uwe Walzenbach 2011 There is also a small clip from the television with some details about the festiva