Third place on the short film festival "Vilsflimmern"...!

On the 29th of july I went to the Vilsflimmern short film festival in southern germany. The people were really friendly and very nice (although sometimes hard to understand, they speak a very special german language version down there... ;-D). Ten short films out of around 40 submitted ones were selected and shown in the evening on a large screen.

Although the weather was really really bad (cold + rain), quite a number of people came to see the shorts.

Nr. 6 was finally my film, it was a strange feeling to see it on such a large screen with many people... Unfortunately, the sound system seemed to suffer from the rain, about one minute of my movie was played without sound... Also a strange feeling ;-D

Then the people from the Kulturverein Amberg announced the winners, and I was really suprised to hear my name! I got the third place for my movie, great!!

© Uwe Walzenbach 2011
There is also a small clip from the television with some details about the festival:
(the guy in green is me @42s remaining)

Both the second and the first place are also very nice movies:

"Der Massl-Effekt" from Christopher Schlierf

"Das Haus" from David Buob

This is my contribution


  1. This tech you have created is an amazing tool for artists(and spys) all around. You took some wonderful shots of the wildlife/landscapes, and a different rare perspective of the people there. The application of this device can and will be used. Great Job. I'm more then excited about it because I and a colleague of mine were attempting something very very similar a few years past, but things got in the way of our plans. Plan on some friendly competition good sir(s).

  2. Very nice flying! great work.... or should I say play....
    Use some foam around the gopro and it will get rid of that rolling shutter.
    Have you seen my video from Botswana?

    Best regards



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