Only one week to go for this years LandKamp! Anyone that is interested in copters should really visit this nice meeting. Last year it was a lot of fun with many friendly and interesting people.

This is what I'll take with me this year (actually all copters I have :-D):

This year’s “Landkamp 2.11” takes place from the 2nd of June to 5th of June 2011 at the sports ground which is located next to the soccerclub in Ostheim/Rhön. “Landkamp” is a privately organised event. There will be many “Kopter” fans from all over Germany. “Landkamp” is one of the longest multi-kopter conventions in Germany due to four days of camping, crafting, flying, challenges and lot of nice talks with like-minded people.


Watch this video for some impressions of last year:


  1. Saw the results in the "Competitions" part : Congratulations !
    Now we want some news ! :)

  2. Man, I wish I could join you there! Have fun, and aloha from Hawaii!


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