Construction and set-up manual released

The set-up manual is finished (you'll find it at the top right of this blog). I tried to address all potential questions & difficulties, but I am sure I missed some. The manual will be improved when I get some feedback from you.


  1. Looks excellent - I have bought the parts and will be building during the Christmas Holiday. I will let you know how I get on.

    I would like to use an ATMega32 that I have already - if I change the def file name is the software likely to compile and work ok?

    regards Peter

  2. Hi Peter,
    you can most likely use an Atmega32, but I would nevertheless recommend an arduino mini pro. It's cheap, small, light and handy. I assume that you know how to change the circuit and that you have Bascom + an ISP programmer? Because otherwise it will be complicated for you if I release new firmware.
    So my recommendation is: Pay some 14 Euros extra and get an Arduino.

  3. Thanks William.

    I have built a number of projects using processors from an ATMega16 to a 644P and BASCOM so I would not have any probelms (I hope) replacing the Arduino with a processor, crystal, etc. and programming using the ISP port.

    regards Peter

  4. dalla svizzera LUGANO

    Grazie william per il set-up manual lo aspettavo con inpazienza molto ben descritto
    la costruzione del cubbo.
    ciao e scusa per litaliano.


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