New brushless motors

As some of you might know, I am using Scorpion S-2212-26 motors for quite a while now. I am extremely happy with these motors.
Short time ago, SCORPION POWER SYSTEM LTD offered to provide three recently developed motors (prototypes of the SII-2212-960KV) for tests with my tricopter . Of course I didn't say no...!! I had the opportunity to test them recently, and these motors are absolutely great! They seem to be even more efficient and powerful than the S-2212-26 I used before. These motors stay absolutely cold (prop: EPP 10x4.5'') even if I do aerobatics with my copter. I am not a real expert with motors, but if no heat is produced, all the available energy should be converted to mechanical energy/ thrust... And that is also what it feels like :-D . So, I would absolutely recommend to use these motors with my tricopter!
And last but not least, they look pretty nice...


  1. SII-2212-960KV seems to be not listed in their web site. Do you know from where can we get it?

  2. Hi! These motors are prototypes and I don't have information when they will be available. You could ask them, I am sure they'll give you a quick answer.

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