Receiver tool released etc.

I released a simple tool that allows you to check if the serial connection of TriGUIDE works, and if your receiver can be read out correctly. This tool (actually it is a firmware for the arduino) is included in the source code zip-archive (you'll still find it at the top right corner of this blog). I also put some short instructions on how to use it in the archive.

The PCBs for my I²C->PWM converter should arrive within one week. I will of course instantly test them in flight as soon as I put them together. I will post any news on this very soon. Here is a picture of the latest layout:

I also made a smaller version of the TriGUIDE controller PCB. It will arrive together with the converter PCB's. The new TriGUIDE mini will not have a MAX232 on board any more. The ISP-connector has also been removed (transferring the firmware will be done via the serial connection). The LEDs are not driven with external transistors any more, they are connected directly to the controller. Current is limited to 10-15 mA.


  1. Очень приятно было вашего проекта, и схема конвертера и за это вы можете выложить вставки в блог?

  2. It was very pleasant your project, and the scheme of the converter and for it you can lay out inserts in a blog?

  3. With impatience we wait for news!!!

  4. Hello William

    But after I delete Tricopter_ReceiverCheck.hex
    and load Tricopter_m328p.hex

    very beautiful mini TriGUIDE compliments
    I look forward to the I ² C-> PWM

    Thanks William for your valuable advice

  5. Awsome work William
    how much you selling the new control boards for?

  6. Good job!! William.
    It's very helpful to understand receiver signal.



  7. Hi,
    I will also put the schematics, the eagle files and the source code of the converters in my blog. The idea is that you can make everything yourself, but I can also make some boards for you (if I find the time). Contact me under .

  8. Hello William
    Very good job.I have one question , you thing diydrone 8 Channel PPM Encoder work with shrediquette .

  9. Hello William,
    Very dumb question but how do I upload the receiver test programme into the Arduino? I tried renaming the programme to the Tricopter_m328p.hex. It uploaded but I saw nothing on the serial port.


  10. You can upload it via an ISP programmer. Uploading it with my GUI should also work if you rename it. Which program did you use toread data from the serial port?
    I reworked the tricopter code just a few seconds ago, I think this will solve all problems with receivers.

  11. Hello William,
    And more in detail about converter I2C PPM it is possible to learn?
    Yours faithfully Ruslan.

  12. Yes, as soon as I have the PCBs here (ordered 30 professional PCBs) I will test if they work and post schematics, source code & layout.

  13. If I upload via an ISP programmer will it not destroy the bootloader?


  14. Yes it will, but if you have an ISP programmer, you actually don't need a bootloader. But you can also always re-flash the bootloader on your arduino using the ISP programmer. The hex file of the bootloader can be found on the pages.

  15. A "tri-guide MINI" ?!?! I just finished to assemble the old (?) version lol :)
    Waiting for the i²c -> PPM info !
    Thanks for all William and don't forget that if you need anything, just email me !
    Best regards from France !

  16. Hello,
    In your design relexion, did you look at the Arduino nano v3 board ?
    It is nearly as small as the pro mini with an integrated mini usb port. USB is maybe more "user end friendly" to handle than a serial connection.

  17. @John: How is the progress with your build?
    @Alex: Looks interesting, but 40 Euros is a bit too much in my opinion... If you buy an FTDI basic breakout board, you'll need to connect three wires and you save around 15 euros... AND you can use the ftdi for other projects too.

  18. Hi William,
    The main pcb assembly is almost done by my friend. I've redrawn the main frame to make my tricopter foldable and easily transportable (for not having to choose beetween my girlfriend or my R/C models to go with on holidays ;) I'm waiting for the main pcb to be finished so I can finalize the design and send the drawings to the carbon cutting machine. But I'm not in a hurry, I'm waiting for our ingenior to finalize the testing of our hole new range of ESC (very innovative). I think I'll make my tricopter a little bit bigger (40A esc) for more lifting power (FPV and aerial photography in sight...)
    Of course, I'll send you all pictures of my project as soon as something moves !
    Best Regards,


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