Updated manual & tricopter firmware

Interestingly, the first thing that people try when they flashed the firmware to the Arduino, is to connect to my GUI. But the GUI would only work if receiver and sensors were connected to the board. This seemed to cause some confusion.

Tonight, I updated the firmware and the manual. Now, the connection to my GUI should even work if the receiver & transmitter isn't set up correctly. I also introduced a "special LED flashing code" that will show you if the tricopter is ready for a GUI connection (see the manual for details). It is different from the regular "in flight flashing code".

As this will probably not be the last time that I am modifying the source code, I put a text file into the zip that contains the firmware. This textfile ("_changes.txt") will track all modifications.

Most likely, I will not announce every change in the source code. Just have a look at the top right corner: Everytime I changed anything, the timestamp will be updated.


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