Eric's Shrediquette

Eric from France made a video that nicely shows the stability of Shrediquette when set up properly.
In the end he also shows a nice low-altitude 180° flip and he demonstrates that multicopters with fixed pitch can't hover in inverted flight... ;-D

tricopter test de stabilité from erictrex on Vimeo.


  1. This is absolutely cool! I currently fly a Mikrokopter but always had hope to see a BASCOM powered quad. Would you consider release a Quad version of your soft?

  2. I am not planning to release a quad version soon. But everyone is free to modify the code.

  3. hello william
    I'm trying to make the components tab
    your scheme involves 2 capacitor C16, C17 22uF
    I wonder if you can use the electrolytic tentalio like this on Distrelec

    hello and thanks,TAP226M006DSCS,AVX,Condensateur_tantale_22_%C2%B5F_6.3_VDC_2.5_mm,Condensateurs_en_tantale,_forme_conique/and/language/is/fr/and/shop/is/CH/and/series/is/1/and/id/is/01/and/node/is/DC-59121/and/artView/is/true/and/productNr/is/811093.html

  4. Hi,
    I am not an expert in electronics. I am using "WIMA foil capacitors". Probably they could be replaced with polarized tantalum capacitors, but I am not 100% sure about this.
    The capacitor is used in the lowpass for the accelerometer. You could also use a different resistor in this lowpass, that enables you to take a smaller resistor.

  5. Ok thanks wiliam
    I try to ask in French by Eric here in Switzerland are not
    2.5mm pitch

  6. Wiliam or have a question
    ce a picture on your site with the details
    There are 3 capacitor 100nF Wima then tell me where to go put
    novo because the PCB and other

    Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009
    A new version of the tricopter is finished

    Hello and excuse the Google translation

  7. wiliam
    and possible error in the electronic shema
    C16, C17 non 22uF but 22nF

    hello and thanks

  8. 22 µF is correct. Together with a resistor of 1k, that gives a cut-off frequency of 7.2Hz for the ACC.
    You can also use 100k for R8 and R9 and 100nF for C16 & C17. That gives a cut-off frequency of 15.9Hz, that might still be acceptable.

  9. ok William thanks


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