Shrediquette MM6 in Japanese TV

Some days ago, a director from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) contacted me because he saw my cameroon video in the internet. NHK has a program called "Tokudane Toukou Doga", where interesting internet videos from all over the world are shown with some comments from the film-makers. They wanted to introduce my video and also asked for a small interview via Skype. As this promised to be quite some fun, I agreed of course :-D

The NHK show can be found here:   My hexacopter part is from 01:35 - 04:00


  1. Hey William, what is this copter that you are showing in the interview? Can you reveal some photos of it? Is it the new one?
    Anyway, congrats for making it a global success with the wonderfull video!


  2. Hi Vlatko,
    that is the new Y6 Hexacopter. It is even smaller than my DLXm, and I am building it for a MAV competition. I am still waiting for some parts, but I think it will soon be finished and then I will post more information about it.

  3. Great! I'm building a DLXm with the minor changes to your original design. I'll send some photos when it is finished.


  4. Hi!

    Just for your information - British Military searching for small drone designs, and you've got pretty good chance of getting big bucks contract. at least it worth to try :-)

  5. Hi! I'm a Japanese who watched 'tokudane toukou doga' today. Your vimeo is really wonderful! I wish I can do the same thing in Japan,too. That was really wow!! I became a big fan of you!

  6. Your copters and videos are an inspiration. Thank you for the breathtaking work.
    You are showing the world how amazing FPV flying can be.
    Please keep it up.

  7. Hi William,
    I have just found a page of Bernhard Konze where he converts Turnigy Plush 6A to I2c. Here's the link:

    Do you think it would be a good idea to use this conversion instead of using I2c converters that you built?
    That would surely save some weight, and cost too.



  8. Hi Vlatko,
    I know that page, but for me it seemed to be too difficult to modify the ESC. These ESCs are really tiny, and although I think I am pretty good in soldering, this is to hard for me.


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