Done. Looking forward to first outdoor flights...

What I really dislike in small copters is that they have the same amount of cables as larger ones, but almost no space...
The very first flights were done yesterday night. I used the default parameters from the BOLT S|2, and it seems to fly very nicely. There is a bit too much power, I prefer when my copters hover at about 50% throttle (like the BOLTs). This one hovers at 33% throttle. However, the GEMïNï is built for speed, and too much power will certainly not harm. It will also be possible to carry the GoPro HD Hero I think. The GEMïNï looks amazing in hovering flight...: Due to the tilted rotors, the tail hangs a bit lower than the rest (see my 3D animation), which gives it a crazy look :-D .  

Here are some images I shot this morning:


  1. Fantastic Job.

    Looking forward to seeing a video of the beasty.



  2. Wow, fantastic work William!
    I marveled at the small board :-o

    regards, phil


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