IMAV 2014 !

The 2014 International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (IMAV 2014) will take place on August 12-15 in Delft, The Netherlands. I am very happy that I can join this event again this year (after my longer 'baby-break' last year). Just as in the previous IMAV competitions, I'll team up with Tumba. He will use several autonomous and FPV-controlled "Alpha" quadrotors and I will take some FPV BOLTs and GEMiNis with me. This year, the competition is especially fun, because the organization committee from TU Delft decided to combine the indoor and outdoor competitions in a single event. Tasks include to create a photomap of a village, detect obstacles, street numbers and open windows, and to finally enter some houses and explore the rooms. This might be pretty challenging, depending on the wind conditions and the video link quality. You can have a look at the competition rules here.
I am very much looking forward to the event, and I expect to see a lot of very interesting and great autonomous systems from different teams all over the world!

The BOLT Y6 hexrotor
The GEMiNi FPV racing hexrotor

--> Results in this post here! <-- a="">


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