FPV Airrace!

We just returned from the awesome airrace in Bexbach. It was so much fun, we had intense battles, crashes and many broken propellers... I finished second in the "Pro" class, right after "Metaldanny" from the Netherlands. He was extremely fast, and had a very clean flight style.
After my QRC5 was knocked out the sky during an awesome battle for the first place in the qualifications, I was flying the finals with a TBS Gemini proto.

Big thank you to Rolf Venz who organized this great competition!

Rookie Class
1: Matthias Schwarz
2: Jonas Schnell
3: Florian Maussner

Pro Class
1: Metalldanny
2: William Thielicke
3: Udo Michel

Fastest Lap Pro Class

Fastest Lap Rookie Class
Matthias Schwarz

Longest Distance Travelled
Ulrich Wirrwa

Best Crashes
Oliver Deventer

Here are some pictures that I copied from the Airrace Facebook group:

My QRC5 (left) in an absolutely awesome battle against Michael S. It ended in a midair collision.

Around 32 people from Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands were competing

Winners of the competition

Michael S. is chasing me. We were changing the lead constantly...


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