Some brushed action for the winter

It has been a while since I posted something here. It is not because my project is dead, it is more because I spent my hobby time with flying and not with making new things. The derbe evo is almost perfect and I am very happy with it, so I don't see the need to design a new frame currently. But I am currently rewriting my flightcontroller code in order to achieve a faster control loop frequency. 1000 Hz should be possible on my 8bit ATXmega32A4. I will achieve this by using integers instead of floating point variables, and by removing every unnecessary line of code.

But recently, I bought an Eachine QX90 (always wanted to adapt my own flight controller for a small brushed copter, but there was not enough time...). And it flies great. I however changed it a bit, here is my setup:
  • QX90 original FC (stock firmware, see settings in the pictures below)
  • Standard motors
  • Gemfan 65mm propellers
  • Custom frame (weight: 5.5g, see pictures below)
  • Eachine TX01 cam with dipole antenna
  • Turnigy graphene 1S 600 mAh lipo (see picture)
  • Spektrum satellite receiver (the original FRSky receiver only had 50m range, now I have >500m)
Have a look at these videos for the flight performance:

Some pictures of the frame and the cleanflight settings:


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