125mm, 125g mini brushless copter

Currently, I love to fly with my latest design, called "RECOIL": It is a very small brushless copter (125mm MTM) with a total weight (including 3S 450 mAh lipo) of 125g. It however flies like a large copter and is a lot of fun!

Emax F3 femto
RCX H1105 5000 kV
Racerstar 6A
3x2" props
3S 450 mAh



  1. Is this made available for sale anywhere? Really inspring site and ideas you have. AWESOME!

  2. Nice a very small brushless copter. I liked it, its looks like a drone. Keep sharing more about your future projects.

  3. Looks strangely similar to Team Black Sheep's DQUAD....awesome articles dude! Keep it up.

  4. Drone races are becoming more and more popular nowadays. I personally attended one MultiGP drone racing in my home town. Drag race is my favorite drone race as I was racing with my Wife H107D X4 Mini which is perfect for beginners. I went to a MultiGP event and it was one of the best days of my life. Love to watch those machines racing. I would love to participate on these events, although I must exercise a bit more before racing. This should be fun.


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