Winter preparations: Recoil stretch

This design was just finished, I am still searching for the perfect propellers. The performance is very good already, but the props are not durable enough. The MTM is 150mm, I noticed that quads fly cleaner and with less noise when there is some extra space between the propellers.

Here is my setup

  • Recoil stretch frame, 2.5mm carbon
  • Weight without Lipo: 80g
  • Take-off weight: 135g
  • AMAX inno 1105 4000 kV
  • Emax Bullet 12A ESCs
  • Tattu 4S 450 mAh 75C
  • Runcam Swift micro NTSC, 2.1mm
  • FXT FX806T VTX, 25 mW
  • Frsky R-XSR
  • Emax femto (still my favorite FC although I haven't tried many)
  • XT 30
  • AMAX inno 3030 3-blade props


  1. Quick question about your experience with the f3 femto:
    Seems I managed to damage my third one. How about you? Any issue with damage after crashes?
    Or do you take any (special) pre-cautions?
    How have you mounted it?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for bothering.

    1. Hi, I had one damaged femto so far. But it was damaged already when I bought it. I mount the FC with foam tape. During the past indoor season, I crashed quite often in the gymnasium, but everything is still ok...


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